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Patent Us6818055 Porous Silicate Granular Material And

Cpc Scheme United States Patent And Trademark Office

Use of materials as fillers for mortars, concrete or artificial stone according to more than one of groups C04B 1400 C04B 1800 and characterised by shape or grain distribution Treatment.

Photoacoustic Sensing Of Trapped Fluids In Nanoporous Thin

The platform is an ideal tool to investigate nanofluidics in granular materials and naturally serves as a distributed nanogetter coating, integrating fluid sensing capabilities. The proposed scheme is readily extendable.

Metallic Glasses Materials Science And Engineering

Research in our group has covered a wide range of topics in metallic glasses, ranging from alloy design including the development of novel metallicglassmatrix composite materials and studies of the.

Electrical Resistivity Of Geologic Materials

In this chapter electrical properties of geologic materials are discussed separately for metallic minerals, rocks, soils, and electrolytes ground fluids. What is resistivity Electrical conductivity or resistivity is a bulk.

Porous Foam Products Suppliers Engineering360

Description throughout the entirety of the material. Duocel copper foam is a rigid, highly porous and permeable structure and has a controlled density of metal per unit volume. Duocel is.

Consolidation Of Sand By Alkaline Silicate Solution

Progress of fuse technology to reduce cost and to protect environment requires the understanding of physicochemical phenomena that govern the consolidation of the sand with alkaline silicate solution. In this.

Mechanical And Acoustic Properties Of Weakly Cemented

articleosti799643, title Mechanical and acoustic properties of weakly cemented granular rocks, author Nakagawa, S. and Myer, L.R., abstractNote This paper presents the results of laboratory measurements on the mechanical and.

Usa Us2041910

The process of forming an insulating struc ture consisting in conning loose granular insu lating material in place by a reticulated member and then treating said restrained material with a.

A Cohesive Granular Material With Tunable Elasticity Pdf

However, the exact process by which these local plastic rearrangements lead to final persistent shear planes at failure remains unclear and is still a topic of active research44,45. Discussion We.

Bentoniterelated Patent Applications

Bentoniterelated patent application list. A method of manufacturing a composite granular grouting material according to the present invention comprises mixing bentonite and auxiliary component forming spherical composite granules by agritating.

Agriculture Patents For Sale Or License Ideaconnection

Agriculture Patents for Sale or License Notify me of New Entries on this Page. Preparing a granular carbonatesilicate material, comprises adding a carbonatecontaining liquid and an organic component to a.

Optimization Of Porous Heatinsulating Ceramics

Lightweight porous ceramics prepared from common zeolitecontaining rocks is an energysaving alternative to conventional foam glass. Here we show that not only chemical and mineral composition of the raw rock.

A Cohesive Granular Material With Tunable Elasticity

The mechanical and fracture properties of cohesive granular materials, where solid but deformable bonds ensure the rigidity of a granular packing, are relevant to a number of questions in powder.

Microbiological Water Filterfree Patent Search Us

Patent Information Search Body Particle filtration may be completed through the use of membranes or layers of granular materials, however in each case the pore size of the material and.

Cleaning Composition In Dry Powder Form

Cleaning composition in dry powder form Abstract. A cleaning composition in dry powder form comprising a watersoluble alkaline detergent, a waterimmiscible organic liquid absorbed on said watersoluble alkaline detergent, and.

Metal Hydride Composition And Method Of Making Patent

Abstract. A dimensionally stable hydride composition and a method for making such a composition are disclosed. The composition is made by forming particles of a metal hydride into porous granules,.

Process For Producing Porous Ceramic Filter For Filtering

A process for producing a porous ceramic filter for use in the filtering of particulates from diesel exhaust gases, and the filter so produced, in which a foamable ceramic composition.

Porosity And Pore Size Distribution Usgs

A soils porosity and pore size distribution characterize its pore space, that portion of the soils volume that is not occupied by or isolated by solid material. The basic character.

A Cohesive Granular Material With Tunable Elasticity

Oct 24, 2016 A cohesive granular material with tunable elasticity calcite or silica. It is also the most relevant material for modelling underground aquifers or hydrocarbon reservoirs. porous granular.

A Porous Geopolymer Based On Aluminumwaste With

Jul 15, 2019 The activating solution used in the geopolymer manufacture was prepared with potassium silicate SiO 2 23 wt and K 2 O are consistent with the open porosity.

Topological Analysis Of Nongranular Disordered Porous

Topological analysis of nongranular, disordered porous media determination of pore connectivity, pore coordination, and geometric tortuosity in physically reconstructed silica monoliths The proposed analysis methods are applicable to any porous.

Production Technology Of Waterproof Porous Aggregates

It also introduces an energysaving technology of porous granular material production, and proposes options for the production of effective thermal insulation material based on sodium silicate.

Technology Of Obtaining Thermal Insulation Material On The

It also introduces an energysaving technology of porous granular material production, and proposes options for the production of effective thermal insulation material based on sodium silicate.

Low Permittivity Porous Silica Thin Films For Mcmcd

Preliminary results indicate that nearly crackfree 2.512 m thick low permittivity porous silica thin films can be made by dipping aluminum coated slides Shoup, R.D. and Wein, W.J. 1977 Low.

Tortuosity Of Porous Particles Analytical Chemistry Acs

Tortuosity is often used as an adjustable parameter in models of transfer properties through porous media. This parameter, not reducible to classical measured microstructural parameters like specific surface area, porosity,.

Method Of Producing Granular Construction Material

Patent registration. to production of artificial porous aggregates for concrete and granular heatinsulating materials for charging of heat insulation, as well as to production of semifinished product for production of.

Method Of Production Of Granulated Porous Materials

The invention relates to the production of granular porous materials and can be used in the building materials industry. A known method of manufacturing a granulated foam glass, which consists.

Us Patent For Calcium Phosphate Material Patent Patent

Dec 17, 2012 1. A porous granular calcium phosphate material, comprising discrete porous granules each containing crystals of at least one calcium phosphate, wherein i at least 90 of said.

Us6818579b2 Granular Ceramic Material With High Porosity

A ceramic material, includes SiO 2 and Na 2 O andor K 2 O. The material is characterized by a porosity of over 60 and by pores, more than 70.

Us6818055b2 Porous Silicate Granular Material And Method

A porous silicate granular material, especially as aggregate for the production of construction materials such as lightweight concrete, mortar or heatinsulating plaster containing glass and a glassy crystalline component comprising.